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Men’s health

Stress is usually a part of life. Men tend to bottle things up more than women, so dealing with stressful situations can be harder to manage. Recognising you are stressed is the first step. Talking to friends or family can help. Looking after your physical health is very important as you may eat less or more, sleep less and exercise less.

Physical symptoms can include:
feeling lethargic, tired or having trouble sleeping
going off food or eating more food than normal
sickness, stomach aches, changes in bowel habits
aches, pains and headaches.

You may also feel:
angry, irritable, sad or tearful
unable to concentrate, worried or apprehensive
unable to unwind and enjoy the normal things you take pleasure in.

If you can’t work through this alone, contact your occupational health at work, the Samaritans or your GP. You can also find more information on these sites:

Men’s Health Forum
Royal College of Psychiatrists

Well man clinics offer a range of health checks for men and are available from your GP surgery.

Visit NHS Choices website for more information on men’s health.