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Domestic abuse

‘Domestic abuse’ and ‘domestic violence’ describe a pattern of behaviour characterised by the misuse of power and control by one person over another.

Women are most often the victims of domestic abuse but men can also be victims. Domestic abuse happens in straight, gay and transgender relationships and in relationships between people of all cultures, religions, nationalities and financial backgrounds. Some people are especially vulnerable due to an existing disability or illness whilst others become more vulnerable as their health – both mental and physical – deteriorates as a result of the abuse.

Domestic abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional or psychological and financial or a mixture. It can also include behaviour such as making threats, intimidation, harassment and causing damage to property.

Don’t be afraid to dial 999 in an emergency.  Essex Police also has a dedicated domestic abuse non-emergency number 0800 358 0351.

A joint Essex-wide campaign led by Essex Police called  #TogetherWeCan aims to break the stigma of domestic abuse by getting people to talk about it and show their support on social media.  It aims to direct victims of domestic abuse to support services via this website – Essex Victim Gateway. This website brings together useful information about what to do if you have been a victim of crime in Essex and where you can go for help.

You can can get practical and emotional support to help you deal with the impact of a crime, even if you don’t want to report it to police or it happened in the past.  The support can be tailored to your particular situation, and specialist services are available for victims of the most serious crime such as rape and sexual violence.

The Essex  Victim Gateway has been developed and funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex.