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Our vision and values

Our core purpose is:

“At NEP we work in partnership to enable people to be at their best in mind and body ”and summarised by our new strapline:

“All together, better”

This encapsulates what NEP is all about as an organisation moving forward:

• Our core reason for being is to enable people to be healthy and maximise their potential – to provide expert treatment and support to enable recovery and promote independence

• The best way to achieve this is to work together, with people who use our services, their families, our staff and with our partners in health and social care .

• We believe strongly in joined-up integrated health and social care.

• As a high performing specialist provider we have much to offer both in terms of excellent specialist services and as a contributor to integrated care pathways for mental and physical health and social care.

Our commitment to our stakeholders is:

Our communities will have total confidence in our services, our staff feel a strong sense of belonging and satisfaction, and our partners be proud to work purposefully with us., Community Heart

Our commitment to individuals and families:

• We will work together, building on strengths, to improve mental health and wellbeing.

Our commitment to our staff:

• We will value everyone individually, promote wellbeing, support involvement and encourage personal development and leadership.

• We will support teams in their delivery of best value, innovation and excellence.

Our commitment to our commissioners and key partners:

• We will listen, work with you, create ideas, demonstrate our effectiveness and flexibility, and earn recognition as provider of choice


Our Values


• We put patients and their families at the heart of what we do.

• We listen without prejudice so that we understand the whole person.

• We stand for dignity and respect. We care with compassion.

Strive for excellence

• We have a reputation for integrity, quality and ability to deliver.

• We combine excellent management, and financial governance with excellent clinical governance.

• We use our expertise and training to provide general as well as specialist care.

• We are always learning and improving, constantly pushing the boundaries, using the best resources available.

Commercial head, Community heart

• We think like a business so we can perform on a bigger stage, delivering social value and investing in our community.

• Our financial stability ensures we can invest in our future, enabling us to grow and to deliver our services to more people.

• We’re committed to the community, delivering an integrated approach, supporting people at home in their community and out of hospital.

• We make people feel reassured and safe.

Our cause, our passion

• We encourage our people to make a difference.

• We campaign with integrity, aiming to eliminate stigma wherever we find it.

• We are candid, open and honest.

• Our people like working here; they want to go the extra mile

Creative collaboration

• We love to use our leadership and pioneering approach to provide innovative solutions.

• We are a team; we work best when we work alongside you.

• We build long-term, trusting relationships, helping commissioners deliver the best outcomes for patients

• We make things happen

Keep it simple

• We try to make things easy where we can through our efficient processes and professional people.