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NEP: The specialist mental health NHS Trust in North Essex

Welcome to the web site of the North Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (NEP), the specialist mental health NHS Trust in North Essex.

We provide specialist mental health, substance misuse and social care services and support for over 17,000 individuals and their families in North Essex. Our services are for people of all ages and local people are involved in the planning and delivery of services. The Trust is committed to treating everyone with dignity and respect.


The Trust is currently recruiting for nurses and various other clinical positions.

Visit our Working With Us page for current vacancies at NEP.

Inspectors praise substance misuse services 24th August 2016 Essex Specialist Treatment and Recovery Service (STaRS), the substance misuse service provided jointly by the North Essex Partnership University NHS Trust and the South Essex University NHS Trust, has won praise from HM Chief Inspector of Prisons following an unannounced inspection of HMP Chelmsford. The Inspectors report said: “Treatment regimens were flexible, based on individual... Read more » See all News See all News
Annual Members Meeting 13th September 2016

NEP’s Annual Members Meeting will be held at Colchester United Football Club from 4pm – 7pm.


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Dementia is one of the biggest challenges we face today. The number of people with Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia, and other types of dementia, is set to double over the next 30 years. Research offers hope. It is only through research that we can understand what causes the disease, develop effective treatments, improve care and hopefully one day find a cure. But for research to progress we need more people to take part in more studies. Our knowledge of dementia currently lags behind that of other major conditions, such as cancer or heart disease. We have to close this gap. Why not sign up to 'Join dementia research' to find out what research you could take part in. The service is aimed at people with dementia and their carers, but anyone with and without dementia over the age of 18 can sign up and people can register on behalf of someone else. You can register your interest by providing a small amount of personal information Researchers looking for volunteers will provide information on their research and eligibility requirements. The service then compares and matches your information with those studies. As a volunteer, you will be able to see the studies you are potentially matched to, and highlight those of particular interest to you. To find out more click here, or to watch a short video click here
Most of us enjoy the sunshine and the warm weather but it can get too hot so be prepared. Take care of yourself, your family and your friends when the temperatures soar. Pets can suffer too in the heat so don't forget them. We at NEP want you to enjoy the summer so have provided a few helpful hints to help you avoid some of the health risks. Simple guidelines include drinking plenty of water (avoiding caffeinated drinks and alcohol), dress appropriately (sun screen, sun hat, sunglasses that have the proper filters), slow down and avoid heavy activity. Stay as cool as possible by staying in the coolest part of your home and be aware how hot cars can get. Keep windows exposed to the sun closed during the day and open at night when the temperature has dropped. If needed, cool your skin with water, slow down and rehydrate. A damp cloth on the back of your neck is helpful. It can be helpful to eat cold foods such as salads and fruit with a high water content. Don't forget that young children's skin is more delicate so they will need sunscreen and clothing to protect them. Pets too can get too hot so make sure they are kept cool.
NEP is a great place to work. For most of our staff, it's a career not a job. Current vacancies in CHELMSFORD: Liaison Nurse, Clinical/Counselling Psychologist, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Domestic and Kitchen Assistant, Clinical Effectiveness Pharmacist. COLCHESTER: Specialty Doctor Older Adult Psychiatry, Occupational Therapist, Specialty Doctor Adult Psychiatry, Practitioner Psychologist, Senior Healthcare Assistant, Charge Nurse, Clinical/Counselling Psychologist, Occupational Therapy Technical Instructor. EPPING and HARLOW: Deputy Ward Manager (fixed term), BASILDON, CHELMSFORD, COLCHESTER, HARLOW: Senior Healthcare Assistant. TRUSTWIDE VACANCIES; Bank Staff Nurse Band 5.
Visit the One You campaign that will inform, energise and engage you to make changes to improve your health across seven key behaviours. NEP is proud to promote this campaign as we understand the value of the connection between physical and mental well-being. Take the online quiz for a quick self assessment to see where you are and then find out what changes you can make. The seven key behaviours are: moving more, quitting smoking, drinking less, eating well, checking yourself, reducing stress and sleeping better. Your health is important!
The North Essex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Funds - 1053509 - is a registered charity supporting the work of the Trust, helping its patients and their families during their time in the Trust's services. Our staff organise a wide range of fundraising activities to raise money for various projects. Recent projects include relaxation packs, Christmas parties, new doors and pictures. Donate to NEP and help our patients enjoy their stay with us.
This website provides young people information on health and well being, sexual health, relationships and mental health.